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The Las Vegas Furniture Market Showing Bold and Gold!


At the Las Vegas Furniture Market an intriguing trend announced itself: Gold, paired with everything from pillows and “objets d’art” to whimsical frames and intricate candleholders.

This “touch of the gold” idea harkens back to an old fashioned feeling and a nostalgic state of mind that says “Everything is going to be OK.” Don’t let the nostalgia fool you—with a variety of lusters, modern gold pieces brighten up a room and give it a polished look.  

Historically, gold was only shown in formal estates, underscoring the privilege of birthright. Now the joys of gold creations are appearing in a range of environments, highlighting a particular piece or adding to the overall room design.

Bronze and gold combined made a strong appearance at the Las Vegas Market. The bronzed hand, pictured above, is paired with a gold ball—calling to mind organic forms and bold statements.

Gold and white, a classic combination, showed up in trunks, tables and accent pieces.

Gold accents add life to a variety of pieces, highlighting the base of a globe, framing a mirror or defining a lamp.

We’d love to show you the latest gold trends in furniture—come by our showroom at 530 Basalt Avenue, in Basalt Colorado or give us a call at 970.927.6556. Design is our passion.

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