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Featured Artist: Jace Romick


When first seeing a Jace Romick photograph, it’s evident that the picture tells a multilayered story of the spectacular outdoors. Whether his subject is majestic wildlife, dramatic rodeo action or world class skiing, Mr. Romick brings historical knowledge and firsthand experience to the piece. 

Jace focuses cameras on his life’s passions, creating works of art that evoke a certain visceral response and unique perspective.   

When growing up in Steamboat Springs, Jace fully explored his twin loves of skiing and riding horses. As he matured, those passions flourished. His skiing led to a spot on the US Ski Team, racing in the World Championships and World Cup downhill events. His love of horses drove him to compete in rodeos, which he still participates in every summer. 

Another passion is collecting vintage ski equipment. Some of these pieces are featured prominently in his art, calling to mind a timeless moment in the sport’s origins.

Mr. Romick’s wildlife shots celebrate the animals he adores. The lone buffalo with its back steaming displays Jace’s ability to not only masterfully photograph an iconic American animal, but to capture the unbridled spirit of the west.

Jace Romick mounts his photographs on deeply grained wood panels with complementary nail heads, and the exterior frame is either aluminum or wood.

Cathers Home is excited and honored to be chosen to showcase Jace Romick’s photographs.  From his emotionally moving subjects to his unique framing, they are truly works of art.

To see Jace Romick’s framed masterpieces in person, come visit our showroom at 530 Basalt Avenue in Basalt, Colorado. 

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