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2020 Pantone Color Of The Year — Classic Blue


2020 Pantone Color of the Year

As we inch into this century’s Roaring ’20s, Pantone has set the tone for the new year by announcing the official color of 2020: Classic Blue. This timeless hue, Pantone 19-4052, was chosen by the color authority for its simple elegance that instills “calm, confidence and connection.”

Classic Blue Reflects Hope for the Future

For 20 years, Pantone has chosen a signature color of the year that influences everything from design trends to fashion. Pantone notes that Classic Blue is a particularly calming color that inspires restfulness and relaxation.

When asked about this choice, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, explained that Classic Blue “encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective, and open the flow of communication.”

It is precisely this reason that Classic Blue remains a constant reminder of endurance and resilience while adding a touch of elegance to any ambiance.

How to Incorporate Classic Blue in Your Home

When we think of blue, we imagine the endlessness of the sky and depth of the sea, the majesty of royalty and the silent beauty of blue-hued flowers. Bring these feelings into your living space with these simple yet impactful design ideas.

Accent Rugs & Pillows
One of the easiest ways to add peacefulness to any room is to leverage accent details in the color of your choice. Choose accent rugs, throws or pillows that feature Pantone’s Classic Blue to tie your decor together. Add interest by choosing blue accents of varying texture and fabric.

Blue Rug

Monochromatic Art
Art has the power to transform any space without compromising the aesthetic appeal of other fixtures within a room. It can be a focal point or used to add subtle interest depending on your taste. Consider replacing your existing artwork with a tryptic featuring various blue hues or hanging a standalone monochromatic piece that creatively uses blue to make a statement.

Blue Art

Bathroom Accents
The ideal place to recharge in a warm bath or follow a self-care ritual, your bathroom is the obvious choice for design upgrades with many options from which to choose. Add a pop of blue to your linens, like bath towels or bath mats, or replace existing vanity items with blue-hued glass, such as this blue trinket tray from Anthropologie.

Wallpaper & Paint
Among the quickest and most cost-effective options, a fresh coat of Classic Blue paint can transform any room by creating an accent wall. You can opt for a solid color or go all-out with a sky-themed cloud-laden mural. Alternatively, choose a patterned blue wallpaper that provides both visual interest and a cohesive backdrop for your existing furniture, art, and knick-knacks.

Blue Wallpaper

Denim Upholstery & Fabric
With various washes and levels of softness, denim can be a beautiful choice for accent furniture, comforters and even mixed media works of art. Whether you create a centerpiece by reupholstering an ottoman or choose to wrap your favorite vases with denim fabric for a bit of rustic charm, allow denim to inspire the use of Classic Blue throughout your space.

Keep Calm and Let Blue Take the Lead
As you prepare for what 2020 will bring, allow Classic Blue to take the driver’s seat and redirect your worries, concerns, and fears to a place of calm relaxation. As an anchor for troubled times, Classic Blue encourages strength and resilience. How do you plan to incorporate blue into your daily life in 2020?


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